Michael Appleby

Michael Appleby is the Head of Information Technology at the Yale Center for British Art. He has been a member of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) editorial team since 2014.

Rodolphe Bailly

Rodolphe Bailly has 20 years of experience in IT development and project management in the digital cultural heritage domain. During 6 years at Ircam he was a system administrator and developer. As the IT Director of Adforum.com in New York, USA, he spent 3 years building a large multimedia database modeling the advertising business, including a web access to tens of thousands of ads. Since 2003 he’s the manager of the Cité de la musique musical library digitization and Information System team, responsible for the development of the Philharmonie de Paris online services (library catalog, digital library, web tv, educational tools, Museum collection). Since 2009 he is the IT director of MIMO (Musical Instrument Museums Online). He’s involved in national and international projects and workgroups on cultural metadata modeling.

Ian Bigelow

Ian Bigelow is the Cataloguing Coordinator at the University of Alberta Libraries and is currently a member of the Canadian Linked Data Initiative Metadata Working Group and the PCC Task Group on URI in MARC.

Sarven Capadisli

Sarven Capadisli is working on his PhD at University of Bonn. His research involves Statistical Linked Dataspaces and Linked Research (an initiative set out to socially and technically enable researchers to take full control, ownership, and responsibility of their knowledge), and dokieli (a clientside editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions) which addresses some of the Linked Research challenges. He is the co-editor of the W3C Linked Data Notifications specification (a resource-centric communication protocol). Sarven advocates for researchers to apply native Web based tools and standards for their work in order to advance the social machinery around scholarly communication.

Valentine Charles

Valentine Charles works as a Data Research & Development coordinator at Europeana Foundation. She consults the Europeana Network on data practices and standards and communicates Europeana's R&D activities to the broader cultural heritage sector. She also coordinates the further development and adoption of the Europeana Data Model (EDM). Valentine has chaired and co-chaired various working groups in the EuropeanaTech community such as of the Task Force on Recommendations for the representation of Hierarchical Objects in Europeana and the Task Force on EDM Mappings, Refinements & Extensions. More recently, she became the Co-Chair of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Technical Board and Community Specification Committee.

Tom Crane

Tom Crane is the Technical Director of Digirati Ltd, a UK consultancy specialising in innovative solutions in the publishing and cultural heritage sectors. He has been building web applications since 1996, when he joined an early London web agency. In the years since he has led projects for clients including Microsoft, Sony, The Home Office, The Arts Council, Oxford University Press, English Heritage, The Wellcome Library, The British Library, the National Library of Wales, The Royal Society and others. He is one of the editors of the specifications for the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) APIs and a prominent contributor in that community. Digirati's recent work has focused on client and server applications built on open standards, such as a crowdsourcing platform for the National Library of Wales based on IIIF and the W3C Web Annotation Data Model, and a platform for the Indigenous Digital Archive project (Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, New Mexico) that enables public participation in the creation and description of archives.

Ray Denenberg

Ray Denenberg joined the Library of Congress staff in 1983 and has worked primarily in the area of standards, technical specifications, and related models. He has been the principal author/editor of Z39.50, SRU/CQL the MODS XML schema (and various other schemas), MODS RDF, EDTF, and he is currently one of the principal architects of the BIBFRAME model and ontology.

Anastasia Dimou

Anastasia Dimou is a scientific researcher at imec, Ghent, Belgium. Anastasia joined the IDLab research group in February 2013. Her research interests include Linked Data Generation and Publication, Data Quality and Integration, Knowledge Representation and Management. As part of her research, she investigated a uniform language for describing the mapping rules for generating high quality Linked Data from multiple heterogeneous data formats and access interfaces and she also conducted research on Linked Data generation and publishing workflows. Her research activities led to the development of the RML tool chain (RMLProcessor, RMLEditor, RMLValidator and RMLWorkbench). Anastasia has been involved in different national, bilaterals, and EU projects and publications.

Alicia Esquivel

Alicia Esquivel is a resident in the 2017 National Digital Stewardship Residency program working with the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL), a digital library with over 50 million pages of biodiversity literature. The geographically dispersed team of residents was given 12 months to develop and present a plan for a next generation digital library. While hosted at the Chicago Botanic Garden since January 2017, Alicia has been implementing a content gap analysis of BHL by utilizing their metadata downloads and performing text analyses on the collection's OCRed full text. Alicia has a MS in information science from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA in art history from the University of Houston. She has experience working in libraries, archives, and museums and is interested in facilitating researchers in the use of collections as data.

Sharon Farnel

Sharon Farnel is the Metadata Coordinator at the University of Alberta Libraries and is currently co-chair of the Canadian Linked Data Initiative Digital Projects Working Group.

Myung-Ja (MJ) K. Han

Myung-Ja (“MJ”) K. Han is a Metadata Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research focuses on interoperability of metadata, metadata modeling, bibliographic control in the digital library environment, and the use of Linked Open Data in library service architectures and implementations.

Regine Heberlein

Regine Heberlein is the Principle Cataloger and Metadata Analyst for Rare Books at Princeton University. In this role, she participates in Princeton University's Linked Data for Production group, which is part of the Mellon-funded LD4P initiative (a collaboration between six institutions, including Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Library of Congress, and Stanford). Prior to her current role, she has worked as an archivist in different positions at Princeton University and elsewhere.

Joonas Kesäniemi

Joonas is the project manager and "primus motor" of the ATTX project. He has a history with software development, semantic web technologies and open data, but this is his first time in the driver's seat. He believes that proper tools, such as deliverables of the ATTX project, are the key in turning data publishing success stories into data usage success stories.

Huda Jaliluddin Khan

Huda Jaliluddin Khan works in software development at Mann Library, Cornell University. She is interested in the design and architecture of linked data and semantic web applications, specifically in: (a) supporting usability through effective interface design and (b) enabling flexible interplay between different components and/or technologies. She is currently part of the team working on the Linked Data For Libraries Labs project where she focuses on the design and implementation of a linked data cataloging editor. At Cornell, I've been involved with VIVO, the researcher profiling system built using a semantic web approach, as well as several other projects that use or extend VIVO or its underlying software Vitro. Additionally, She has been involved with projects that employ Blacklight and GeoBlacklight. She has a joint Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Jason Kovari

Jason Kovari is Head of Metadata Services at Cornell University Library, where he has worked since 2011. In this role, he directs metadata efforts around digital projects, scholarship and preservation. Additionally, Jason engages in the Mellon-funded projects Linked Data for Libraries - Labs and Linked Data for Production, on which he serves as facilitator for the joint-project Ontology Group as well as the Rare Materials Ontology Extension effort.

Enno Meijers

Enno Meijers works as an information manager at the National Library of the Netherlands. His main focus is metadata management and discovery services. The National Library is one of the nodes in the Digital Heritage Network (NDE). This is a national program aimed at increasing the social value of the collections maintained by the Libraries, Archives and Museums in the Netherlands by improving their sustainability, usability and visibility. For the past years he has been working on the development of a new concept for a cross domain discovery infrastructure for the Dutch heritage collections. Linked Data and distributed web technologies are at the core of this new infrastructure. Earlier Enno has been leading the development of the National Library Catalogue platform build as one of the services for the national digital infrastructure for the Public Libraries. He is one of the founders of the Dutch DBpedia chapter and currently a member of the DBpedia Association Board. He studied Electrical Engineering and Business Informatics and has been working in the library domain for nearly twenty years.

Katie Mika

Katie is a research fellow as part of the National Digital Stewardship Residency program at Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology where she develops tools and methodologies for crowdsourcing metadata and corrections to enhance discovery in the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Katie graduated from Simmons College in 2015 with Masters’ degrees in History (MA) and Library and Information Science (MS). Katie previously held positions as a Digital Archivist and an Archives Processing Assistant. Her professional interests are focused on providing open and reliable access to information including Open Access and Open Data policies and issues related to privacy and intellectual freedom.

George Oates

George Oates is an award-winning interaction designer. She designed Flickr for its first five years, invented the Flickr Commons program, designed and led the Open Library project at the Internet Archive, and after a stint at Stamen Design as art director, has now formed Good, Form & Spectacle, her own company in London, whose mission is to show explicitly how human-centered design and fast software development can be used to quickly explore metadata and create new insights.

E. Lynette Rayle

E. Lynette Rayle works as a researcher at Cornell University as part of the Linked Data for Libraries Labs grant exploring how to leverage linked data in end-user applications. This includes how to select data from external authorities and store the URI in local systems, how to augment existing metadata records with linked data from outside sources, and addressing caching and scale issues in working with linked data. She has focused much of her work in extending the linked data capabilities of the Samvera community open source repository implementations (formerly Hydra), specifically the Hyrax Rails application. But the supporting tools are not tied to this stack and have been used with Java applications. A list of E. Lynette's presentations from other conferences is available at Cornell VIVO.

Glen Robson

Glen Robson became involved in the IIIF community while working for the National Library of Wales and saw it as a great way to make the library's extensive digital collections more accessible. He has worked on releasing a number of IIIF collections including; "Cynefin" a crowdsourced georeferencing and transcription project, migration of library management system to Primo and Alma including release of over 1 million IIIF images delivered using the UV and the NLW's Journal and Newspaper collections. Glen has also been heavily involved in the the library's crowdsourcing and volunteering projects and developed the SimpleAnnotationServer to allow volunteers to transcribe the Welsh WW1 Book of Remembrance. He was also part of the NLW Crowdsourcing project with Digiarti to develop a generic IIIF and Web Annotation Crowdsourcing solution based on Omeka-s. He is also interested in machine processing of annotations particularly with Newspapers. Glen is now working on IIIF full time as the IIIF Technical Coordinator.

Felix Saurbier

Felix Saurbier is Head of Linked Open Data and Open Educational Resources Projects at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). He holds a master’s degree in history and literary studies (Bielefeld University) and completed a library traineeship at the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) at the University of Konstanz and at the Bavarian Library Academy. Prior to that, he worked as a research assistant at Bielefeld University, the Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) in Mainz and Hamburg State Archive, specializing in the fields of historical corruption, digital humanities and digital long term preservation.

Matthias Springstein

Matthias Springstein received the Master of Engineering from the Jena University of Applied Sciences in 2015. He is currently a member of the Visual Analytics Research Group at the German National Library of Information and Technology (TIB) in Hannover, Germany. His research focuses on web-supervised and incremental long-term learning of visual concepts, which includes the continuous exploration of user-generated content as it is provided by platforms such as Flickr and YouTube.

Osma Suominen

Osma Suominen is working as an information systems specialist at the National Library of Finland. His current activities are centered around the publishing of bibliographic data, including the Finnish national bibliography Fennica, as Linked Data. He is also one of the creators of the Finto.fi thesaurus and ontology service and is leading development of the Skosmos vocabulary browser used in Finto. Osma Suominen earned his doctoral degree at Aalto University while doing research on semantic portals and quality of controlled vocabularies within the FinnONTO series of projects. His past accomplishments include the Skosify vocabulary analysis and quality improvement tool, and data.aalto.fi, the Linked Data service of Aalto University.

Dario Taraborelli

Dario is a social computing researcher and open knowledge advocate based in San Francisco. He is the Director, Head of Research at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and its sister projects. His interests focus on the behavioral and social aspects of online collaboration and commons-based peer production. As a co-author of the Altmetrics Manifesto, a founder of the Initiative for Open Citations, and a long-standing open access advocate, he has been designing systems and programs to accelerate the discoverability and reuse of research objects. He has been an advisor to initiatives by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, PLOS, Crossref, and European research consortia. Prior to joining the Wikimedia Foundation, he held research and teaching positions at University College London, University of Surrey, Sciences Po, Paris Diderot University, and the Jean-Nicod Institute. He holds a PhD and MSc in Cognitive Science from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, a MA in Philosophy of Science from the University of Pisa, and a licenza from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.

Nate Trail

Nate Trail is a Digital Project Coordinator, librarian, and programmer at the Library of Congress, where he has worked for over 25 years. He has been active in Library Standards work for over 16 years, working on the BIBFRAME, METS, MODS, PREMIS, and ALTO data standards and various digital library implementations using those standards. For the past 6 years he has worked on the Linked Data site, id.loc.gov. More recently he has been leading the team that is building a testbed for the library’s BIBFRAME cataloging pilot, which merges data from the authorities and bibs to create BIBFRAME descriptions, develops and tests workflows for new and converted cataloging descriptions, and makes new connections to other authoritative resources.

Tatiana Walther

Tatiana Walther is a Linked Data librarian at the Open Science Lab of the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) Hannover. The scope of her work covers data administration and ontology management as well as the development and testing of workflows for automated data maintenance in implementations of research information systems based on the software VIVO. She participates in various German and international VIVO task forces.

Simeon Warner

Simeon Warner is Director of IT for Library Linked Data and Repository Architecture at Cornell University Library. Current research interests are in web information systems, interoperability and open-access scholarly publishing. Current projects include Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L), Cornell University Library archival repository (CULAR), IIIF, ResourceSync and ORCID. Past projects include technical direction of the arXiv e-print archive.

David John Wilcox

David has more than six years experience managing open source projects, teams, and communities using Agile Scrum methodologies. Working with hundreds of organizations across the Fedora, Islandora, and Samvera communities provide David insight into the use cases and opportunities for open source software within libraries, archives, and museums. David is responsible for setting the vision for Fedora and serving as strategic liaison to the project governance groups, DuraSpace members, and other stakeholders. David works together with the Fedora Technical Lead to oversee key project processes and undertakes international engagement through public speaking, developing and delivering workshops, facilitating user group meetings, pursuing partnerships and grant funding for Fedora-related projects. David graduated from St. Thomas University (BA) and the Dalhousie School of Information Management (MLIS). Prior to joining DuraSpace he was the Islandora Training and Support Coordinator at the University of Prince Edward Island and the Program Manager at discoverygarden inc.



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